Professional Associates by Projects


Currently, S.R.Comunicaciones works on several projects, in which there have been associated professionals in the area of communications, all of them of great prestige and trajectory:



mauricio hoffman 2

Mauricio Hofmann Núñez


He obtained his professional degree at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 1983. That same year he began his career as a reporter of economic issues in the newspaper "La Segunda". In 1988 he became editor of the economy at the same evening of the El Mercurio S.A.P.

In 1990 he joined the founding journalistic team of Megavision, where he was editor of economics for 8 years and host of the central news "Meganoticias" with the journalist Gloria Stanley (1991), commentator on economic and political issues, host of the lunchtime news ( 1997-1999) and representative of the channel in the first primary debate (Lagos-Frei) in 1993 and also in the presidential debate Frei-Alessandri in the same year organized by Anatel.

In 1999 he emigrated to National Television of Chile, where he conducted programs such as "Midnight" (night edition of the news program "24 Horas", in 1999 and 2000) and "En Debate" (2001), represented TVN in the Lagos-Lavín presidential debate. (1999).

In 2002, he joined the press area of ​​Canal 13, and became a conductor of the Teletrece's central edition for 7 years, until 2009. On the same channel, he conducted "Sáa de Reportajes", "Hora de Infidentes" and was creator and driver of the program "Efecto Domino" (2007-2008) Also, he was the representative of Channel 13 in the 2005 Presidential Debate issued by ANATEL.

At the same time, he was conductor and radio analyst in the radio news programs "Noticias y Más" by Radio Classica (1997-1999), "Let's Talk Off" by Duna (2001-2009), "Alerta Temprana" by 95 Tres (2010-2012 ), "Modern Times" by Oasis (2012 and 2013) and "Panorama" by Infinita (2014).

In Channel 13C he was a panelist of the program "Memoria Política" (2009), conductor and general editor of "Mundo en Juego" (2010) and host of Tele13 C (2013). Subsequently, in January 2015, ADN Radio Chile joined the "ADN Hoy" and "Pauta B" conductions.

He has been a professor of economic and television journalism at the Catholic University of Chile, Diego Portales, Finis Terrae and Adolfo Ibáñez, and a member of the board of directors of the Faculty of Journalism of the Central University between 2007 and 2010.

Susana Meersohn actual

Susana Meersohn Domínguez 

Journalist & Audiovisual Communication Technician

Journalist (UNIACC) and Audiovisual Communication Technician (IACC). She began her professional activity in 1983 in the city of Puerto Montt, exercising different functions in Radio Reloncaví and Radio Nacional, in the same city. Between 1986 and 1987 she was in charge of the Office of Dissemination and Events of the Municipality of Puerto Montt. Between 1990 and 1991, she worked as a producer, librettist and host of the news program "La Semana", of UCV TV, Puerto Montt and as a Reader of News in the program "Regional Horizon", of the same means of communication.

In 1992, she emigrated to Santiago, taking charge of the organization of the UNIACC University video library, before joining as a reporter for the newspaper La Tercera, in the political section. In 1994 he began to collaborate as a journalist for "special editions" of El Diario, of Santiago; while, in parallel, she worked as a reporter for Radio Vicente Pérez Rosales, in Puerto Mont.

Between 1995 and 1996 he assumed various professional challenges, as a journalist in several sections of the newspaper La Tercera, among others, in the supplement "Educational Guidance", "Publirreportajes" and "Su Casa". In 1997 she was a producer and host of the "La Hora del Conquistador" Program, on Radio Conquistador de Puerto Montt. Later, she served as Communications Officer of the Senatorial Candidacy of Rodolfo Stange Oelckers, in the Tenth South Region; and between 1998-2006, as Chief of Staff of the same senator.

Between 2006 and 2009 she was editor of several publications of Edicem Ltda., Such as AreaMinera Magazine and web page; ImpactoAmbiental Magazine and website; NuevoAgro Magazine and website; and Magazine of Firemen, of Talagante.

As Editor of the Magazine AreaMinera, until 2018 she also participated, as Coordinator, Libretista, in charge of Communications and Presenter of MINSEG, in the Seminar "For Zero Fatality in Mining". Santiago and Antofagasta; and Editor of a Guide for Large Suppliers of Mining. In addition, she was Editor of contents of the first season of "Report Mining", television program broadcast by Canal 24 Horas.

She has participated in several professional development courses in the areas of mining and economics and has developed skills in the management of social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Among the distinctions obtained in her professional practice, stand out: "Award of the National Mining Society for the Contribution to the Development of Serious and Quality Journalism" and "Prize Foundation Chile, by Specialized Innovative Media".

Rebeca Uribe Fridman www.srcomunicaciones.cl2

Rebeca Uribe Fridman


Journalist (Universidad de Concepción) with a vast background in strategic corporate communications, Networking, Public and Corporate Affairs, Protocol and Relationship with the media.

Management and production of international technical-professional exhibitions of the main productive areas of the country such as mining (Expomin); Health (ExpoHospital); Naval Defense (Exponaval); Housing (Expovivienda); Environmental; and Security.

Great experience and communication in the public and private sector health sector, exercising communication functions for the Medical College of Chile; Ministry of Health and Pan American Health Office. In this last entity, she performed functions as editor of the Magazine Regional Program of Bioethics.

Design, development and management of teams in communication projects. Also, she gathers strengths in content development for social networks and mass media.

Andrea Riquelme Perez

Andrea Riquelme Pérez


Senior journalist with 18 years of professional experience. Strategic institutional and corporate communications, public relations, editorial development and media management. Experience in sectors such as International Cooperation, Health, Technology and Education, among others.

His career includes brands such as, Sal Lobos, Hortifrut, Cervecería Chile; and institutions such as Fundación Chile, Chilean Society of Gastroenterology (SCHGE), Chilean Agency for International Cooperation (AGCI), National University Network (REUNA), Association of Exporters (ASOEX), National Institute of Injuries (INH), Catholic University of Chile - careers Kinesiology, Phonoaudiology, Nutrition and Dietetics-; in addition to the development of editorial products such as Revista Informática Médica, and others for AGCID, ACHAP, Conacep, Sochiderm, among others.


Carmen Gloria Sandoval Venegas


Journalist (1998. Universidad San Sebastián, Concepción) and Diploma in European Studies (2000, U. de Concepción). She began her professional activity in the newspaper "La Hora 12" in 1994 as a reporter for various news fronts, specializing in politics and economics in the newspaper El Sur de Concepción, the main means of communication in the Bío Bío Region. In that newspaper, she climbed several hierarchical positions until assuming as editor of Economy and Business in 2006.

In the last 12 years, his professional work has earned him the recognition of various entities at regional and national level. Among others, he has obtained the following distinctions: Honorable Mention in the "BancoEstado Award for Journalistic Quality in Economics, Finance and Business" (2008); Prize for the Professional Career of the Association of Journalists of Economy and Finance (Aipef) and Banco Santander Chile (2012); Recognition 20 Years Catholic University of the Holy Conception for "Outstanding professional performance in the category: Printed Journalism" (2013); Merit Award: Outstanding Professional Journal El Sur (2016); and Honorable Mention in the "BancoEstado Award for Journalistic Quality in Economics, Finance and Business" (2017).

During his career he has participated in several specialization seminars in different areas such as macroeconomics, finance, foresight, etc .; including the seminar in Miami, "Poverty as News", organized by the Inter-American Press Institute, the Inter-American Press Society (SIP) and the World Bank. Also, he obtained a diploma in "Reporteo Creativo", from Diego Portales University.

Within its usual activities, Carmen Gloria Sandoval covers various sectors of economic activity such as Energy, Construction, Industry, Forestry, Fishing, among others. Likewise, she has excelled as a university professor, as a professor in the Chair of Economic Journalism, at the San Sebastián University (2003) and at the Catholic University of the Santísima Concepción (2004).

Luis Ibarra

Luis Ibarra S. 

Execution Engineer in Computer Science 

Execution Engineer in Computer Science from the Federico Santa María Technical University. He has 10 years of experience in the use of Information Technology. In 2013, he founded Urantiacos Spa, a company dedicated to the design and development of digital solutions. In 2016, he obtains his certificate in the LMS Moodle platform.


Jorge Azócar Barbé


Photographer. He started his professional activities in 1992, in the weekly News Review as a "senior photographer" until 1993. Simultaneously he does so, starting in 1992 in the tourism guide for embassies "The Golden Rule", also until 1993.

Since 1994, he leaves the journalistic and reporting environment and is exclusively dedicated to the business area. Developing its activities in the advertising and corporate environment; being from those years one of the main professionals associated to the projects of S.R. Communicaciones Ltda.

He participated actively in the Teletón, between 1994 and 2004 and in the magazine "Arte al Límite" being a collaborator of it for almost a decade.

In the business area, he participates transversely covering from sports, advertising of products, vineyards, art, automotive, corporate events, construction companies, and corporate magazines (Anda), etc.

He has participated in 2 collective exhibitions in the "Janette Osses Gallery" of Concepción 2014 (100 years of Nicanor Parra); and 2017 (100 years of Van Gogh) with photography and own drawings digitally intervened.

Currently, with 26 years of experience in the photographic environment, he combines his passion for photography with his digital artistic works. He also participates with a group of senior professionals in the formation of a digital platform to promote their work in Europe and Asia. In this group, highlights designers, musicians and photographers who develop visual art.