S.R. Comunicaciones has developed communication strategies for more than 200 national and multinational companies, corresponding to crisis management in several of them, positioning itself as a senior consultant for companies in the economic and financial sector.

In partnership with SOFOFA and the Chilean Chapter of AIPEF (Inter-American Association of Journalists of Economy and Finance), in 2012 it produced successful seminars in the energy sector, concentrating the presence of the highest representatives of the sector, as well as the national and international press. His experience also includes several courses and seminars for journalists from the mining sector and strategic talks programs for economic publishers of press media, such as "Dialogues of Mining", for the Mining Council.

S.R. Comunicaciones has also developed a line of seminars that has had a strong impact on the media, as well as on specialized public opinion. In EXPOMIN (2012, 2014 and 2016) finalized the project "Meeting of Professional Alternatives for Mining", which brought together more than 15,000 students from high schools, industrial schools, professional institutes, technical and university training establishments.