S.R. Comunicaciones Ltda.

This is a national company specialized in the design and development of corporate communication strategies, established in 1990 by the journalist Silvia Riquelme Aravena.

S.R. Comunicaciones has designed and implemented communication strategies for more than 200 national and multinational companies, being responsible for the crisis management in many of them, positioning itself as a senior consulting firm in companies of the financial and economic sector.

In 2012 it produced in partnership with Sofofa and the Chilean Chapter of AIPEF (Asociación Interamericana de Periodistas de Economía y Finanzas), the Interamerican Association of Economic and Financial Journalists (in English), various successful seminars of the energy sector, attracting the presence of the most high-level representatives of the industry, as well as the national and international press. S.R. Comunicaciones experience includes also many workshops and seminars for journalists of the mining sector, and a program for economic editors of press media, as “Dialogues of Mining”, for the Mining Council.

S.R. Communicaciones has also carried out a line of Seminars with a major impact in the press media, and in specialized public opinion. In EXPOMIN (2012, 2014 y 2016) the firm concretized its project “Meeting of Professional Alternatives for the Mining”, gathering over 15.000 students of High Schools, Industrial Schools, Professional Institutes, Technical and University Education.


foto cv Silvia Riquelme

Silvia Riquelme Aravena

Manager and Associate of S.R. Comunicaciones. She is a Journalist of the University of Concepción (1970), graduated in Strategic Marketing and Advertising in the Graduate School of the Catholic University of Chile (ESAE); and in Management and Leadership, USACH (B.D.A.). In addition, she also has multiple specialization courses, as Finances in the U. of Columbia, U.S.A. (Citibank Scholarship for outstanding professionals in Business Journalism) and various courses of Mining, Politics, International Relations and Macro Economics, among others.

She worked in various media in Concepción and, at the beginning of 1980, she emigrated to Santiago, where she joined the founding team of the Economic and Business journalistic section of the El Mercurio newspaper, where she took office as Editor; she was also Editor and General Coordinator of the monthly magazine of Economy and Business that circulated for two years, through El Mercurio.

Between 1987 y 1990 inclusive, she served as Director of Communications of the National Mining Society (SONAMI), and Executive Director of the Mining Newsletter, official communication organ of the same corporate entity; she left office to develop her professional activities independently, through S.R. Comunicaciones.

Parallel to her activity as a Consultant, she was responsible for initiating the first productions of the News channel on cable TV (Channel 6 of El Mercurio). She was also a journalistic producer in the economic area of the programs “De Cara al País” (In the Face of The Country), and “Plebiscite 89”, Channel 13 of the Television Corporation of the Catholic University of Chile (hosted by Raquel Correa, Lucía Santa Cruz and Roberto Pulido).

In 1995 she hosted “Direct Dialogue”, news show of political topics, broadcasted by Channel 5 of the Catholic University of Valparaíso, whose stable panelists were: Gutenberg Martínez, Sergio Bitar, Andrés Chadwick y Alberto Espina.

She has been part of many workshops and seminars on professional development both locally and abroad, and she has been awarded and has received several distinctions of national and foreign agencies, state, private and institutional bodies, among them: Citibank scholarship, a workshop for journalists specialized in Economy and Finances at the University of Columbia in New York City (1989); Award of the Institute of Mining Engineers of Chile (IIMCH); Prize of the Ministry of Economy, and the Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga Journalism Award (2007), among others.

She is author of the books “80/90 Political Options in Chile” (Ed. Colchagua), and “How to Earn Money in Chile” (1994 and 1995, Ed. Zigzag). The latter is considered as one of the 10 best sellers in subjects of management during 1995 and is used as a reference material for the “case study” in diverse Business Schools of the country.

By the end of 1996, in partnership with Lo Castillo Publications (El Mercurio S.A.P.), she published “The Bride and the Groom Guide”, with 6 editions. Subsequently, and in partnership with the same society, she published “The Baby Guide”, a parental guidance publication (4 editions). She was also the author and director of the Mining Directorate of Chile, “Direcmin”, “Mining Guidance of Chile”, and “Chile-Energy”. These last two publishing products are currently in a process of conversion to a digital version (www.guiamineradechile.cl and www.chile-energia.cl). In addition to this are the publications for Nestlé Chile (“Nestle News” and “Updated”); Society of Periodontology (“Smiles”), Ford (“Ford News”), Rosen, National Association of Press and Magazine “Caleuche”, among others.

Silvia Riquelme’s journalistic and professional work is likewise reflected in countless articles, published in the most varied media of the country. She has given numerous conferences on Corporate Journalism and has carried out academic activities at the School of Journalism and Public Relations of UNIACC (2007-2008).

Previously, she also conducted the Chair of “Entrepreneurial Journalistic Management”, in the career of Journalism, University of the Desarrollo, Santiago (1998-1999-2000).

She is an active member of the National Association of Journalists, Women Journalists’ National Association, and Women Journalists and Writers World Association (AMMPE in its Spanish acronym). She is founding member of the Chilean Chapter of AIPEF (Asociación Interamericana de Periodistas de Economía y Finanzas) – Inter-American Association of Economy and Finances Journalists, where she was also Vice President and Manager. She has also participated as partner in FINAM, the Chilean Subsidiary of the Women World Banking; and in the Club of Entrepreneurs, founded by Fernando Flores, among other professional and corporate organizations. In 2015 she served as a Communications Assistant Manager in SOFOFA.

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Nicole Hitpass Guerraty, Directora de Proyectos

She is the Project Director at S.R. Comunicaciones Ltda. since 2015 to date. She is a Graduate of Business Management (International Business Manager), and Business Administration Engineer, University of Applied Science, Wiesbaden, Germany, and UDLA, Santiago de Chile), with a vast working experience in Germany, Canada, and Chile.

She has served in European Companies in sales, marketing and events, being responsible for the organization, implementation and supervision of all related activities. She participated in Congresses and International Fairs, as CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, one of the largest IT Fairs worldwide. She was also Director of Marketing and International Businesses in Alda Right Food (Canada).

In Chile, she worked, among others, as a Marketing & Promotion Coordinator in the Outreach Division of the Department of IT in the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, and as a Congresses Coordinator, in FISA S.A.

She has specialized in areas such as Marketing, with responsibilities that include, among others, market studies, relational and digital marketing, program design of Community Management, design and creation of POP Material; also, she supported the dissemination and introduction of new study programs and the first BPM International Seminars of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.

Within her responsibilities in S.R. Comunicaciones stands out, her participation in the Organization of the Third Encounter of Technical Professional Alternatives for the Mining, in Expomin 2016, and the coordination of activities in the Mining Guide of Chile, and Chile Energy.

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